Admin Tabs In Prestashop

Hi Guys

Now again,  I came with another prestashop tutorial that will help the prestashop developers.

The tutorial is something like to add a new tab in the BO Many People Requires based on their customer requirement. Here the steps to do that.

First step is to add the tab in BO By means of clicking the Tabs under the tools section,

Second step is to click add new->enter the title of your tab ->enter the class name -> select the icons of your choice ->then finally select your parent category for the tab

If you want to display as a main menu then select none in the parent dropdown

Everything is to be done very easily but everyone confused with the class name about what to give in it,You have to create your own class file and give that file name in that text box

I will give two suggestion for creating the class file

One is to create New one With the Below format



class AdminYourTab.php extends AdminTab
public function __construct()
// Initialise the tab by linking it to a database table and setting its default permissions


public function postProcess()
// This function is executed when the Submit button is clicked
// Use it to store the value of text fields in the database


public function displayForm($token=NULL)
// This function can be used to create a form with text fields

Next One is to edit the already available class file which is available in the admin->tabs->class files
Just try it guys very simple as it is
Have a great day
9 comments on “Admin Tabs In Prestashop
  1. Jens Mikkelsen says:

    Where shoud i put the PHP file you have made an example for?

  2. Jens Mikkelsen says:

    I got the tab to show up.

    But I cant get any information on the page 😦

    I have tried to write

    But nothing shows up

    • dharanid says:

      Jens first you try to edit the already existing admin file from the admin tabs then you can get a clear idea about writing on your own file

      • Vivek kumar tripathi says:

        Jenes have to place your newly create tab class in admin->tabs folder
        and then copy following code . You might be missing to print something in display function just write echo “hello”; in that and you would be able to see the Information on page here is sample code

  3. function display() don’t work, I can’t do it…
    for example:
    public function display() {
    echo ‘

    if put “public function displayForm()” is the same thing…

  4. cool tutorial, it was useful for me

  5. ignatiusfiguero says:

    New admin tab proves very helpful to me , thanks for sharing detail information about it.

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