Getting started with Angularjs

Angularjs is a Javascript( mvvm) framework which allows you to create a single page web app. I had a chance to work with this wonderful framework for the past 2 months. Even though Angular is super heroic java script framework.

It still has its own pros and cons.


1. REST easy( You can use In build services to do REST api call for your “crud” app).

2. MVVM Framework(Follows MVC Design pattern)

3. data binding and dependency Injection( Angular supports 2 way data binding, supports dependency injection which allows you to use services and factories through all controllers)

4. Extends HTML ( Most framework supports html only with events, But using angular you can create your own tags and directives)

5. Template as HTML ( There is no separate template framework, Plain HTML is your Template)

6. Unit Testing( You can do unit testing with Karma)

7. Easy to get Started ( No need to be JS Expert, anyone can understand easily with basic web development knowledge).

8. Allows to use external frameworks and library(It doesn’t restrict to use other frameworks and libraries like jQuery in Your app)


1. SEO

2. Less Documentation

If you didn’t start working/exploring on angular, Please get start at it.

To Get Started:


Working For Cause Not For Applause

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