Drupal – New interesting Modules

Here are some of the Interesting upcoming Modules that are going to launch soon.

WEM – This module allows you to create user segments, based on user actions, and then control site content per segment. Basically, you can give a different site experience to different users depending on the actions they have taken on your site.

MC Hammer – MC Hammer is a mail composing tool based on panels.

Admin Toggle – Admin Toggle allows site admins to toggle the display of admin items on a page with the press of a single key. This allows admins to easily preview what their site looks like to non-admins

Linkchecker Highlight – Highlight links determined to be broken by the Linkchecker module.

Retina Images – Adds an option to all image effects included with core to allow them to output high resolution images for high DPI or retina displays.

SMS Registration – Extends the SMS Framework module, and allows users register, login to site and reset passwords by using their phone number.

Login one time mail to all – Send one time login mail to all registered users except admin.

OG Clone – Makes it possible to clone an entire group and all its content, or, potentially, all its members.

OG Color – Integrates the color module with organic groups so if the group has a colorable theme the color scheme can be controlled on a per-group basis.

Cache Lifetime Options – increases the available options for core page cache up to a year

Delayed ownership – This module allows anonymous users to create content and to keep their authorship when logging in.

Architecture – The Architecture module provides reports documenting how your Drupal site is architected.

Passwordless – This module replaces the regular Drupal login form with a modification of the password-request form, to give the possibility to log in without using a password. Every time a user needs to log in, only the e-mail address is required.

Suggested Modules – Suggested Modules allows module maintainers to enter a ‘suggests’ property to their module info file, with a link to a relevant module project page. This is different than ‘required’ modules as this does not inhibit using a module, merely suggests to the user that there are compatible/complimenting modules they may be interested in grabbing.


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