Grouping CCK Fields Multiple

Hello all,

Today  i’m just gonna write some basic thing about the drupal CCK Fields group.

The Drupal CCk Fields is one of the most powerful module in the community along with Views. Which is now available in Drupal 7 core.

Here is the tutorial for drupal 6

The above image shows the form which is available in  your “content type ->manage fields”

So you can create your own and as many custom fields for the content type.

You can also use your existing cck fields by existing fields form in the above image.

There is also another form field set called group.

User Can create group and place the cck field under the group by dragging it like in the below picture.

By default the group created is a standard type one i.e you can create one set of fields with that group.

But many people wants to use group multiple times.

There is a solution for that, before doing all the above go and enable “content multiple group”( which is available from cck 6.3.x) module from the module section.

After enabling that while creating group you can see a drop down shows

+ Standard

+ Multi group

Select Multi Group for displaying the group multiple times.


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