Drupal modules – IE Fixes

Hello all, its been months since i have written a blog. Its never late than never. So let me start it right away with a post on Drupal Modules for IE Issues.

IE Unlimited CSS:

In IE there is a huge problem with loading css, Due to their standards IE only load 31 css files with the link tag.It doesn’t cause any problem while you are working with small sites. IF your using more modules means it will automatically increases the no of css files.To avoid the issue the IE Unlimited CSS Module is used.


The next module that we are talking about is css3pie module, As you all know that IE won’t support border-radius property. Even other browser supports with their keywords like -moz-,-webkit- etc,. Css3Pie module will fix that issue in IE Browsers.

@font your face

The font style on the web is fully based on user side , so if the user doesn’t have our primary font means it will take other fonts mentioned in the css which may not be looking good, Fontyourface will help you to avoid thatt problem by loading the font through typekit, google fonts etc,.

Hope the above three modules will save someone’s time



Working For Cause Not For Applause

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One comment on “Drupal modules – IE Fixes
  1. Kamalakannan says:

    Good article.

    Actually we won’t use border-radius because of IE, instead we use image. Now we can use border-radius with the help of CSS3pie the same way @font your face

    Thanks for your kind information, which is going to help to fullfill the client requirement.

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