Drupal theming…

Drupal theming plays a more important role in the customization of the site,
But lots of people are struggling with theming cck fields.

Here are some of the way to theme fields in node template files


<?php $nid=field_node_ref[0][‘nid’];
$refnode = node_load($nid); // $nid contains the node id of the referenced node
$refnode contains the full node

To get particular cck fields from the reference node is by using the following code

<?php $refnode->field_name[0][‘view’] ?>


Here i assume that you know about the configuration option for the content profile module, so i will proceed with theming those content type fields in node.tpl

<?php $uid=field_key_speakers[0][‘uid’]; ?> //user id of user reference field

<?php $speaker=content_profile_load(‘profile’, $uid); ?>

where ‘profile’ is the content profile content type

so it loads all the profile cck fields in the var $speaker.
Now select the particular fields using

<?php $speaker->field_name[0][‘view’]; ?>

That can help some one!!


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