Drupal-Features Module

There are lots of people know about this before...

if you're a new to Drupal means it's a worth of a module to know & use in your Drupal projects

Here is the Drupal project page for the module

What's exactly this will do?

I hope you people know about the views exporter module
where we can export our views in our code base instead of in our database

But it does only for the views. what about others?
so where we can use the features modules which can combine multiple functionalities into one

Suppose consider the criteria such you're doing two Drupal projects for the same domain( real estate)
somethings will be common to those sites
so may be things will be needed to repeat in those projects

some extra time needed to repeat the same functionality... where the feature module comes to the rescue
can reusable the functionalities by taking it as a feature module...will reduce a loads of time
If I get some time I will come with an example tutorial for this Module

Happy drupaling!!!

Working For Cause Not For Applause

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