Create a related Blog Block in Drupal

Just now got the reason, why Drupal is so popular among with the people? Now i got some experience with Drupal Open source and my first project is on its way to production soon this Friday.

Here is the Link for the Site Please Post Your Comments about My first Drupal Site.

Okay Lets Get Back to the Topic

Related Blog posts:

In Drupal by default there is a module available for blogs

But there is no widget like related posts to show up in the sidebar as available in word press

But it has lot more than that Yeah! Right Views

Views is one of the Module That i Like most in drupal Modules along with the CCK even both that available in Drupal 7 Core

Views is otherwise called as Query Builder. Basically it will perform the query Operations.


1.Download the module from Here

2. Place the module in the sites/all/modules folder

3. Enable the Module in admin section. see Readme.txt for more info about the installation

4. You can see the Views in the admin /site building .

5. select Views and add a new view give some name to that view. select the node option for the view

6. It will open the views UI where are lot of options to fill  but we are going to strict with fewer options .

7. select the row style as fields

8. after that You have seen the fields section in that UI. Add the fields that you wanted to show. I just use Node title field Here

9. Arguments Section Here you have to select the node ID as argument and it will show some more options You just check the option “exclude from display” and click ok

10. Finally the filter section You have to add the node type value = blog

That’s it!!

If you Need any Explanation about How it works?? Contact Me!!!


Working For Cause Not For Applause

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2 comments on “Create a related Blog Block in Drupal
  1. zahid ansari says:

    Hi ,

    Nice site ( specially the blog section. Here in creating views where have you actually given the condition to show only related blog? Is it point 9 (argument).

    Also how have you created search in your blog?

  2. dharanid says:

    Thanks for your valuable comments ansari…

    Yes, point 9 only( here my requirement is to show 5 latest blog titles except the node title of current node)

    Generally people used to filter based on taxonomy if you need the code for that means i will publish that too..

    Its a normal search block only!!! placed only in the blog section

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