Rs. Gets a New Face!!!

 Every Developed Nation have their own symbols for their currencies like euro,dollar yen…. like in the same way India as also got their own symbol for the Indian rupee,First i describe the symbol of the rupee where it looks similar to the symbol of yen which as y alphabet with = sign over it.Similarly our indian currency symbol is also having R alphabet with = sign over it, but the real explanation for the symbol its a combination of roman letter R with the hindi font devanagiri ‘ra’ .Just take a look at the symbol of our currency.

Before that indian finance department announced the competition for designing the symbol for the rupee totally 3000 entries came for the competition but the winning symbol is came from a IIT guy named UdayaKumar.

Currently he is doing research at the Industrial Design Centre (IDC) at the Indian Institute of Technology-Bombay (IIT Bombay), on the evolution of the Tamil script and typographic transformation which took place from palm leaf manuscript to early letterpress printing.

The research did help him in designing the symbol for the Rupee as well.

Meet Mr UdayaKumar

Hope You Like the New Indian rupee!!!!!!!!!


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One comment on “Rs. Gets a New Face!!!
  1. I really like the new face for the Rupee. Good work!

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