Paul Got Right again!!!!

Paul adam, a 2 year old octopus in germany is very famous in the media because of the prediction in ongoing series of the FIFA 2010 Worldcup.

Yes Its got Right again with the semifinal results between spain and germany.With the excellent Header from the puyol in the 74th minute confirms the prediction of the paul correct.Paul adam already predicts the 5 matches of germany correctly even the loss of germany to serbia in the league matches.

Including This prediction 6 out of 6 predictions by paul is 100%  but only one thing goes wrong from the prediction of the paul is the european finals where spain won that but it predicts germany as winner.

So Now eveyone expects about the result of the final match from the paul prediction.until now paul predicted only the germany matches so it got right almost 100% in the results of germany

Now the final is between holland and spain Let see how the prediction of paul goes with the neutral teams playing in the final.

Here is the picture of the paul octapus choosing germany as the winner over the england in the second round of the worldcup


Working For Cause Not For Applause

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