DNN installation in localhost

Hey Guys i’m gonna to write about the installation procedure of Dotnetnuke installation in ur local machine for ur testing purpose

I guess some guys are  pretty well with CMS Stuff Dotnetnuke is one of a kind based on asp.net(Microsoft).Here Goes the steps to install .Before that some of major requirements needed for the dnn installation (IIS,Microsoft SQL )

1  Download latest DnnCommmunity edition   available  www.dotnetnuke.com Which comes in rar format

2  Extract it in ur local machine copy and paste in the inetpub ->root folder  in c drive

3  Go to control panel ->administrative tools->IIS->create Virtual directory(dnn) in Websites in left corner

4  Right click on websites ->create virtual directory->wizard-> alias Name->Browse Dnn directory from root->click finish now the virtual directory is created

5  Go to the properties of the virtual directory and select asp.net versions going to use and also select the document type in it For Example Asp.net 2.0 ver and default.aspx is the doc type

6  Now IIS is configured  after that go to rootfolder of dnn-> properties->Security->give permissions to user Thats it from the IIS

7  Setting up database:  Open Microsoft SQL Server-> Database->right click New database->GiveName-> click ok thats it database is created

8 Actual installation comes here Go to browser type the virtual directory path:(localhost\dnnlocal)

9  It goes to installation process select the language from drop down box click Next

10 It goes to the permission page click test permission->permission success->click next

11  It goes to database connection page so fill ur database name ,Servername as localhost and select the database version in the top if u goes with db owner give user name and password and test the connection .If u got success in it thats it  click next

12 Fill the host user details in the page like username and password for the host. Its like a super user, leave SMTP settings in that page click next

13 It goes to admin config page ,Fill the admin user details in it who has some limited permissions compared to host user

14 Click finish Thats it!     DNN is installed in ur local system

15 Login to page with host username and password and explore it with ur creativity


Working For Cause Not For Applause

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