Joomla VS Drupal

Hi guys lets move to designing section where  all i’m talking about cricket and puzzles.

Lets Move to Some other topic!!!!

Here some opportunities for the people who doesn’t have much deeper knowledge in web design, but they have intention to do it. For those we have CMS which is generally referred as Content Management System here the basic skill needed for the people is administration.

     There are N numbers of CMS are available in the web, Most of the people are confused to choose which CMS is best suitable for them. It’s not posible to compare everything , so i just choose the two most popular CMS and  compared with the work experience i had in it.


  Thumbs up:

•Easy deployment
•More intuitive administration user interface
•Editing content is simple
•Lots of polished modules for things like calendars, polls, etc.
•Easy addition of modules
•Versioning is available
•Large community of developers (more than Drupal) for helping with setup and development
Thumbs down:

•1 installation of the software gives you 1 website
•Categories can only go two levels deep
•Limited roles and permission allowances
•Modules cost you money
•URLs are not search engine friendly (there is a purchaseable module)
•Out-of-the-box blogging functionality is mediocre


Thumbs up:

•Easy deployment
•Editing tabs integrated into actual pages
•Editing content is simple as well
•Very flexible in its configuration
•Modules are plentiful, free, and suitable for non-profits
•Versioning is available
•Many high profile sites use Drupal (e.g.: MTV UK, BBC, the Onion, Nasa, Greenpeace UK, Kleercut )
•Multiple levels of categories allowed along with easily integrated tagging system
•Human readable URLs which are search engine friendly
•1 installation allows you to create and manage mulitiple websites (very handy when creating campaign sites)
•Highly configurable user permissions handling


Thumbs down:

•Administration area is clunky, but it’s getting better with each version
•Terminology in the administration can be cryptic
•Adding a visual theme to Drupal can be time consuming
•Support for the free modules can be frustrating


                 As my view on this two CMS both are very similar , But one major adv in Drupal is much faster compared to Joomla when cache is on(approx 319% faster).For beginners its some sort of a headache when working with drupal CMS But Joomla is Very Simple interface easy accesible.If ur working in a personal site means go with JOOMLA,Suppose ur going to build a community site means DRUPAL is the Best one.


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